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A metamorphoses has been underway at Native Capital over the last year. Nearing the end of our 13th year of operation, we embark upon
a new phase in which we will strive for even greater impact as an Economic Catalyst. The foundational aspects core to Native Capital
are to remain unchanged.

What has changed is that Fund MGMT activities are now at the forefront of our brand. This slight shift will allow us to communicate more
clearly about activity that has been at the center (core) of our operation for the past few years.

We will continue to use our SustainAble Formula as the rudder for all we do. We will expand our impact, through broader communication
as to successes and failures we have experienced, while driving change. Change, one of many economic catalysts in our rapidly
evolving world, it’s time to come out of the garage and onto the track.

The path is clear – welcome to Native Cap Management!

                                                The foundational aspects
                               core to Native Capitol remain unchanged

                                       We seek to support humankind so that all may
                                                          enjoy a balanced, sustainable and
                                                          satisfying way of life.

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                         Fund MANAGEMENT activities
            are now at the forefront of our brand

           Our focus is to bring Fund Management activities
           into the public realm so that more may learn about
           our SustainAble Fund Management philosophy.

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